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Wednesday 12 December 2012

Watch This Space!

Well it's been a while since Numa Boots was actually very active and truth be told the site was hit very hard by the loss of MegaUpload and never really got back on it's feet. Switching to Rapidshare didn't go to plan as they delete inactive files very quickly. Despite these set backs I have decided to give the site some attention early in 2013 and get the links live again with a different file host.

Thanks for your patience and have a great Xmas and New Year!

Rob/Numa Boots


  1. nice to know you're still around look forward to the new year best of luck

  2. Hi Rob,

    This is good news, great to have this back. Good luck.


  3. Thanks for the update and looking forward to your return. if i may add a request as you begin to re-upload new links for older posts... would LOVE the best show/source for any 83 shows (FM or soundboard, "Living Ornaments '83" etc.) thanks!!

  4. Great to know Rob. But don't get mess wit hit because NumanFolder is back again. Probably i think you could create a telling story acompaning with specific and special shos or bootlegs. What you think ? ;D

  5. Thanks, this is a great site, Rob! Two shows that if you get time to re-post:

    The Garage, Glasgow 19th February 2001 (Pure Tour)

    Colston Hall, Bristol 8th February 2003 (25th Anniversary Shows)